Few sights are as pleasing to the eye as a beautiful, perfectly-kept lawn.

An even, deep green canvas stretching across a property can give even the simplest home a stately, elegant presence. It also extends living space outdoors, creating places to gather and enjoy the splendors of nature.

Like other aspects of life, creating a lovely lawn is simple enough—maintaining what you’ve created is the tricky part. Everyone knows that frequent lawn-mowing keeps your grass tidy and uniform, but that’s only the beginning.

The truth is that there are many steps involved in creating a permanently healthy lawn. Your lawncare specialists at J.W. Lawncare Inc have compiled this list of six of our most popular lawn services.

Incorporating these services into your lawn care routine will give you a property that exudes vibrance and beauty in all seasons.

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To stay healthy, your lawn needs to breathe!

Core aeration—the process of removing small, cylindrical segments of soil from your lawn—gives your grass much greater access to oxygen, water, and nutrients. It also loosens the earth, reducing soil compaction which can stunt your lawn’s growth.

Aerating, several times a year will help your grass to grow stronger and fuller than ever.


Installing an irrigation system for your lawn not only gives you greater convenience, but greater control.

Too much water is just as damaging to your lawn as not enough. A professionally-installed irrigation system lets you provide the perfect hydration level for your lawn, in either wet or dry weather. This helps you reduce water waste.

Put away your hose and watering can and enjoy the many benefits of irrigation!


A good fertilizer provides everything your lawn requires in its diet.

The proper balance of essential nutrients boosts your root development, helping your grass to grow strong and full. Bare patches and yellowed sections of lawn are a thing of the past.

We work with many different types of fertilizers and can help you select the right one for your purposes!


Did you know that there is a hidden layer of built-up plant material beneath your lawn?

Thatch is essential to a healthy lawn. Too much, thatch, however, causes big problems. New grass growth roots in the thatch, instead of the soil, and can’t access the water and nutrients it needs to thrive.

We’ll be happy to assess whether the thatch in your lawn is too much and remove it if necessary!


Sometimes a few layers of new sod are all your lawn needs to regain its full lushness.

Whether you’re creating a new lawn or helping a damaged one come back to life, sodding allows for grass to be easily placed and planted on your property.

The grass in sod is already grown and thriving, so all you have to worry about is watering it!

Lawn Treatments

If your lawn is suffering from discoloration, unevenness, or damage due to insects, you may require treatments.

We offer a number of lawn treatments that are powerful and effective––yet safe. Our lawn treatments will restore your lawn to a pristine level of health and fullness!