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J.W. Lawncare Inc’s Residential Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting adds a certain aesthetic touch to a property and an added sense of security for all visitors and family members. If you are looking to add residential landscape lighting to your home's exterior and your property's perimeter, we invite you to contact J.W. Lawncare Inc.

With the help of our lighting technicians, you'll get a landscape lighting system that illuminates your property the way you want it. We will light the walkways, entrances, the perimeter, and any blind spots.

From motion sensor lights to pathway and spread lights, we do it all. Request our services by calling (352) 225-1917 today. We cannot wait to work with you.

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Lighting Up Your Lawn

We believe that the people in our community deserve to feel comfortable on their property all year day long—and all night too. With exterior lighting fixtures, you'll surely feel safe and secure on your property around the clock.

Some of the benefits to residential landscape lights include:

  • Added security
  • Added safety
  • Added value
  • And more

Customize Your Lighting System

Do you have a backyard deck or patio? Do you find yourself wishing you could entertain guests outdoors well into the later hours of the evening? While this might be difficult under normal circumstances, landscape lighting makes this more than possible.

Given the varying preferences of families and the unique nature of properties, we always assume we're going to take the custom approach with our clients. To better learn what you want, we'll treat you to an in-depth consultation. During your meeting with us, we will survey your property and work to gain an understanding of what you want.

Would you like to learn more about landscape lighting? If so, contact us at your convenience. We cannot wait to work with you. Call us at your convenience.

Landscape Lighting for All Your Needs

Choosing the right landscape lighting fixture is simple. That said, before you know what fixture to request from us, you need to know what your goal is. Do you want a landscape lighting scheme that illuminates your courtyard or outdoor dining area? Do you want motion-sensor lights, or do you want to cast light on the private paths and walkways throughout your property?

We have the landscape lighting solutions for all of these scenarios and more.

J.W. Lawncare Inc Residential Landscape Lighting

Pathway Lighting

Residential pathway lighting fixtures are perfect for homeowners that want to illuminate their footpaths, driveways, and flower beds. They can highlight your path's stonework and guide visitors along their journey to your door.

In-Ground Landscape Lighting

When homeowners want to up-light trees in a discreet and aesthetically pleasing manner, in-ground lights are the perfect choice. Their sub-level, stationary installation ensures they'll never distract from the features you wish to illuminate.

Deck and Brick Lighting

These lighting fixtures can be installed into patio walls, brick hardscape features, and more. They're a great, non-invasive way to cast light onto walkways and standing areas. What's more, the installation process is often incredibly straightforward.

Let the Light in

J.W. Lawncare Inc offers a wide variety of residential landscape lighting services to suit your needs and budget. Call us today at (352) 225-1917 to set up an appointment with one of our residential landscape lighting designers or a contractor ready to start your project.

Once you have the landscape of your dreams, it’s time to make sure you can actually see it. Whether your landscaping project is fully realized, or you’re still in the process of designing and installing your outdoor features and want to cast the best light possible, we have the professionals and equipment you need to light up your world.

Outside Lights for Your Landscape

There are many benefits to a well-illuminated landscape. Design elements like outdoor garden lights, such as twinkling fairy strings can bring your nights in your summer garden to the next level of beauty and enchantment. Spotlights and other outdoor lights can really bring out features of your home, driveway, or walkway. Effective outside lights can make sure your curb appeal doesn’t disappear as the sun goes down and can contribute to an increase in property value. What’s more, lighting can help guide your family and visitors around your property, decreasing the likelihood of injury or any other problems.

The level of lighting design that you need might be different from those of your neighbors or what you’ve seen online, and we’ll be happy to take any and all your inspiration into consideration while we’re planning your residential landscape lighting. No job is too big or too small not to be considered by the expert contractors at J.W. Lawncare Inc. We know how important this kind of investment is for our clients, and we’re happy to pursue it with care and attention.

J.W. Lawncare Inc Offers Landscape Lighting Design and Installation

We offer comprehensive lighting design services for anyone who knows they want beautiful lighting design but isn’t sure exactly how to pull it off. For those especially discerning clients who know exactly the kind of lighting design they want, we can provide functional assistance for every step of the process from conception to turning all your lights on for the first time.

Whether your vision involves modernist LED details, classical warm features to bring out your classic home, whimsical twinkling lights, or a simple design for your patio lights, we’ve got the perfect match for your specific needs and desires. No matter what your level of experience with landscape lighting might be, we’re happy to see you through to the end of your lighting vision.

Call Us Today for Your Residential Landscape Lighting

Whether you need to be advised for the best lighting options for your specific property, or you need help to bring your lighting dreams to life, J.W. Lawncare Inc offers the best outdoor lighting design technicians available.

If you contact us today, we’ll be happy to address any questions or concerns you may have about your property and how it can benefit from expert lighting design. Call us today!