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J.W. Lawncare Inc provides both one-time and routine aeration services at competitive rates. Our certified landscaping contractors perform core aeration and de-thatching with diligence, care, and thoroughness.

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Quality Lawn Aeration

We are a dedicated, full-service team of passionate lawn care providers. Together, we serve commercial and residential property owners with year-round lawn care. Certified, insured, and with a long trail of vibrant lawns in our trail, our crew is ready to help you keep your turf looking its best—for an affordable price.

Aerating your lawn may not seem like a priority in a landscaping project, but it is a simple procedure that can considerably increase the health and beauty of your landscape. Allow J.W. Lawncare Inc’s professional core aerators to serve all your aerating needs.

The three main benefits of core aeration are:

  • It relieves compaction.
  • It reduces subsurface thatch.
  • It allows nutrients and water to reach the root zone.

Lawn aeration can improve air and water circulation to your grass’s root system, improving the overall health of your lawn. Most lawns will need this done at least once, but ideally every year or so. Extra thick lawns, especially those started from sod rather than seed, may need to be aerated more than once. Whatever your needs, our lawn experts have you covered for commercial and residential green spaces. Call us today to discuss your lawn care needs.

J.W. Lawncare Inc Aeration

Get an Estimate on Aeration Services

Unsure if your lawn is due for an aeration service? Speak with one of our seasoned landscapers, obligation-free. We provide individualized consultations to all our prospective clients. We'll help you assess the condition of your outdoor space and develop a hyper-specific aeration regimen to match.

If you like, we can also set up a routine aeration service to make your lawn care duties even easier. We'll monitor your lawn's health throughout the year and pre-schedule its aeration service for when the season rolls around.

Before you commit to anything, we'll present you with the full pricing details of our services so that there are no surprises on your final invoice. Our quotes are 100% non-committal, so why not ask for one today?

Signs That You Need to Aerate

We recommend speaking with an industry professional before deciding if your lawn needs to be aerated. However, some tell-tale signs indicate that your grass will benefit from a thorough de-thatching. Key warning signs that your yard needs to be aerated are:

  • Fertilization is not working.
  • Water doesn't seep into the soil.
  • Grass is becoming thin.
  • Soil is highly compacted from overuse.

A good rule of thumb is to aerate once or twice a year—spring and fall are the most popular aeration seasons. If you've noticed any of the above issues with your lawn, we suggest contacting an aeration service provider.

Personable Lawn Care Experts

At our company, we refuse to settle for anything less than expert, five-star lawn care. To that end, our landscaping crew is best-in-class, leveraging specialized education, far-reaching credentials, and extensive experience to make your grass greener than ever. We're intimately familiar with the industry's best practices, and our core aeration strategy is no exception. We've invested in top-of-the-line, commercial-grade machinery for extra precise workmanship, and we always carefully investigate soil types to determine the appropriate core depth (usually between 1-3 inches).

As personable professionals, we go above and beyond to facilitate a pleasant and fast lawn care experience. We'll treat your property with respect and work efficiently to minimize your overall downtime. If you like, we'll share our lawn care knowledge with you—we love imparting insider tips to our clients based on cutting-edge industry research.

For further information about our credentials and portfolio of work, don't hesitate to drop us a line.

Lawn Core Aerator and the Benefits of Aeration

During aeration, a machine called a core aerator is used to remove plugs of thatch, dirt, and even some roots from your existing lawn. Allowing these to disintegrate into the lawn is recommended, since they provide much-needed nutrients to your space’s soil.

The benefits of this process leave small holes throughout the surface of your lawn, allowing it to receive the air, water, fertilizer, and herbicides it needs and distributes them throughout the root system. Core aeration is also a great way to reduce thatch buildup and help reduce soil compaction which can make it difficult for your roots to grow.

Soil Aeration to Reduce Thatching

Thatch is the portion of grass between the roots and the green tops. It is made up of dead grass, leaves and other small particles that provide nutrients as it decomposes and can protect against extreme temperatures.It also can help decrease compact spots and increase water intake. While some thatch is important and helpful in a healthy lawn, lots of thatch buildup can be detrimental by blocking air and water intake.

Insects and diseases can spread in this area and it can even choke out healthy grass over time. Thatch growth is increased by overwatering, planting lawns in heavy clay soils, over-fertilizing and mowing grass. To increase the benefits of your soil for your lawn, consider our dethatching services. We will reduce thatch buildup and revitalize the health and look of your lawn. Call us today for more information on our core aeration services.

Professional Aeration Services for Dethatching

In order to restore health to a heavily thatched lawn, dethatching is necessary. It involves raking and removing some of this buildup. Our lawn aerators recommend dethatching during spring or fall, either a after rainfall or a watering.

We mow grass shorter than normal and remove clippings. We then run a power rake over the area and remove the debris that results from mowing. If your lawn contains severe thatch buildup, we allow the lawn to recover after dethatching and then repeat again in a few weeks so as not to harm the lawn more than help it. We guarantee a proper maintenance and care of your lawn. Call today for more details.

J.W. Lawncare Inc: Your Trusted Lawn Aerators

At J.W. Lawncare Inc, we want to help you have the healthiest lawn in your area. Dethatching is just one way to restore some life to a tired-looking lawn and help it regain its lushness and beauty.

If you’re looking for quality soil aeration services, look no further. Our professional yard aerators can provide you with an efficient aeration plan that stays within your budget. Call us today for professional aeration services near you.