Gainesville Landscaping Services

There has never been a better time to beautify your property with a landscape design.

Your landscape extends your living space outdoors, creating an oasis of lawns, flower beds, trees, unique features, and gathering spaces.

In addition to significantly increasing your property’s value, a beautiful landscape design provides countless hours of serenity and enjoyment all year round.

J.W. Lawncare Inc, one of Gainesville’s foremost landscaping and lawn service companies, works each day with proud property owners to transform and personalize their spaces.

As an industry leader in landscaping design and construction, we work alongside clients to determine the landscape features they value most. We take great pride in making our clients’ dreams into tangible realities.

If you’re considering landscape work for your Gainesville residence, we’ve put together these five simple points of consideration. Being mindful of these and other things during the design process will ensure the best possible results.

We believe you shouldn’t have to compromise what you want for what you need!

  1. Your Property
    Every landscaping project begins with a complete understanding of your natural environment.
    No two properties are alike, and your landscape design should be seamlessly integrated into your property.
    Consider your yard’s terrain and topography. Is it hilly, rocky, or relatively flat? Is it heavily wooded or clear? Not only will this help you choose your landscape components, it will also give you an idea of your yard’s water drainage.
    Think also about the sun and shade your property gets. Your yard has its own microclimate, based on the amount of shade provided by trees and buildings. Assessing your yard will help you select plants that will thrive.
    The ideal landscape design should enhance your existing yard—not create an entirely new one!
  2. Your Features
    Of everything in your yard, what would you most like to showcase?
    Perhaps you are fortunate enough to have stately, mature trees on your property. Maybe you have a water feature, swimming pool, or another unique feature.
    Your landscape layout will not only be built around these features, it will exhibit them prominently as focal points of your property.
  3. Your Spaces
    How do you envision your yard being used? Large terraces for outdoor meals and entertaining? Cozy corners to sit and enjoy the evenings? Or mostly gardens and green spaces?
    Just like your home, your yard must have a layout and a logical flow.
    Decide on the way you’d like your space to be used, and the points you believe your loved ones will congregate in most frequently.
  4. Your Plants
    The glorious sunshine of Gainesville permits the growth of many beautiful plants.
    Decide on how much space you’d like to allocate for growing plants in your yard. Whether you’d like a vegetable patch, extensive flower gardens, or hedges and shrubs as borders, the plants you select will have both a practical and ornamental purpose.
    Your technician at J.W. Lawncare will be delighted to tell you about some of the best plant options for our corner of the world.
  5. Your Future
    It’s always wise to consider what the future will bring. The passage of time will affect your plants and the space they are growing in.
    Give due consideration to the growth rate, maintenance requirements, and eventual mature size of your plants.
    This way you can enjoy your environment for years without worrying about crowding.