Landscape Design in Newberry

Why wait for your perfect landscape in Newberry when you can have a space designed for you today? At J.W. Lawncare Inc, we have years of experience in commercial and residential designs, and we’re always happy to help a client.

Transform your outdoor living space to reflect your personality and lifestyle. Call our team at (352) 225-1917 for a no-obligation consultation today!


Your Free, Personalized Consultation with a Professional Landscaper

A new landscape will add curb appeal and value to your property. More importantly, when your property is specially designed to your taste, your quality of life will improve, too. We know you’ll love our custom landscape designs— but let us prove it to you with a no-obligation consultation.

When you give us a call, we’ll send a contractor on-site at no charge to you. We’ll assess your property to determine any practical limitations of the space. Then, we’ll sit down with you to listen to your vision. Give us as much detail as possible. We want to know everything—your favorite colors, things you’ve admired in the neighbor’s yard, how you use your outdoor space—we’ll incorporate it all into your custom design.

We’ll work closely with you to draft your design. When you’re completely satisfied, we’ll finalize the plan. This enables us to give you a detailed breakdown of material and labor costs. So, you don’t get hit with surprise fees.  

A Full-Service Landscaping Company to Create the Ultimate Outdoor Living Space

Because we’re a full-service landscaping company, there’s no limit to the features we can bring to your space. Engage your senses with colorful, fragrant flower beds or revel in the unique character that concrete hardscape brings to a property. We offer comprehensive landscaping services that include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Hardscape
  • Softscape
  • Retaining Walls
  • Water Features
  • Lighting Installation
  • Irrigation Design
  • …and more!


If you can dream it, we can build it. The unparalleled skill of our crew, combined with the creative ingenuity of your design, will result in an outdoor paradise you’ll enjoy for years to come.


Landscaping Contractors That Work Within Your Budget

Your budget is one of the primary aspects we take into consideration when designing your landscape. Rest assured we won’t deviate from your set price point.

To further ensure we’re keeping your costs as low as possible, we avoid outsourcing our work to third-party subcontractors. Keeping the work in-house lets us maintain strict quality assurance standards from start to finish. It also helps us cut costs—saving you from extra expenses, too.

On-Schedule Landscape Installation

No action is complete without follow-through. Our design process is comprehensive, but our service doesn’t stop there. We seamlessly move from the planning phase to the building phase so that you can enjoy the finished product as quickly as possible. Our clients appreciate our courteous and efficient construction crew. We always work according to your schedule, so your daily life is never disrupted. As the days go by, you’ll get to watch as your approved design comes to life before your very eyes. On point. On-time. Every time. 


Landscape Makeover vs. Design: Which Is Best for You?

What’s a landscape makeover? Essentially, you’re giving your landscaping job a facelift. A regular makeover shouldn’t be too invasive and might be able to use elements from your existing design. If you think a makeover is right for your outdoor space? Look over these questions:

  • Have you had landscaping work done before?
  • Are you interested in keeping some elements of your current design?
  • Are you looking for an upgrade instead of a complete overhaul?

Now, if you think a full landscape design is for you, consider the following:

  • Are you looking for a brand new design that suits your tastes?
  • Do you want to get rid of all or most of your existing design?
  • Does a complete overhaul sound like what you’re looking for?

After answering these six questions, you’ll probably have a good idea of what you’re looking for. If you don’t, J.W. Lawncare Inc is happy to help you.

What Type of Landscape Design Do You Need?

When we say “type of design,” we’re really asking you what kind of outdoor space you have. Which category does your space fall into?

  • Private or Personal Property: Residential landscaping is for private residences that aren’t intended for business use. The build codes and design limitations are unique for these spaces.
  • Commercial Property: With commercial or business areas, you may have to abide by certain requirements regarding accessibility and construction limitations. Additionally, the design must generally include a more expansive area.

Depending on your type of property, our professional team will draw up plans that will fit both your vision and your space.

Our Landscaping Design Checklist for Newberry

We have four main pillars for our landscaping design and they are:

  • Design Functionality: If you intend to drive vehicles through your outdoor space, we have to make sure there’s enough space. We also have to consider water drainage, erosion, and similar areas. This will make sure you can use your space as you intended.
  • Sustainable Practices: Landscaping and sustainability go hand in hand. We can’t expect a palm tree to survive in Wisconsin and we also don’t want to use materials that cause pollution. We’ll tackle sustainability on both fronts.
  • Design Element Integration: Design elements should bring the best out of the space an each other. We’ll make sure your design feels cohesive to make your landscape more inviting and peaceful.
  • Artistry: Beauty is an essential part of any kind of design. We strive to make an area that is as gorgeous as it is functional.

Get in Touch for Your Landscaping Consultation

Every landscaping project we do varies in scale and complexity. But with us, we never sacrifice our commitment to quality and our dedication to timely construction. No matter if your project is large- or small-scale, commercial or residential, your satisfaction is our top priority.

Are you ready to get started on your landscaping project? Give us a call today, and we’ll gladly discuss what’s possible for your space. Once we understand what you want, we’ll get to work putting together the outdoor design you’ll enjoy for years.