Commercial Landscaping in Gainesville

If you are looking for a landscaping company who can bring out the best in your property, look no further than J.W. Lawncare Inc. From garden design and tree trimming to fertilization, we are the team for you. Call us at (352) 225-1917 today!


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A Landscaping Company Ensures Your Commercial Property Always Makes a Good Impression

First impressions matter. When it comes to your commercial property or place of business, what is it that makes the first impression—the building’s interior, or the surrounding property? It’s the property!

Want to make sure your landscape never fails to make a good first impression on visitors and passersby? Call J.W. Lawncare Inc today!

We Are the Landscapers You Can Count On

With our services, you can always expect:

  • Free No-Obligation Consultations
  • Competitive Rates for All Services
  • Comprehensive Treatments for Damaged Lawns
  • Eco-Friendly and Green Products
  • …and more!

Other Landscaping Companies Make Promises, We Provide Results

We let our services speak for themselves. Upon request, we’ll show you a portfolio of some of our past work. From these photos, you’ll have all the information you need to make your decision. You’ll see well-manicured lawns fitted with hardscape features, hedges, well-placed sprinklers, and more!

Our Landscape Services Will Keep Your Lawn Looking Luscious All Year Long

As the season's change, so does your lawn. While it might flourish during the rainy months, it might look quite dry during those periods of drought.

We will make sure your lawn looks wonderful all year round, regardless of the season or inclement weather conditions. With proper fertilization techniques, a well-installed irrigation system, and regular lawn care practices, you’ll have the most vibrant property in the community.

Emergency Landscapers: Call Us for Last-Minute Tree Removal

Has a sudden weather event turned a large tree into a safety hazard? Don’t let those limbs dangle. Instead, just call us. We’ll bring all the necessary equipment to remove the damaged limbs or the entire tree, and we’ll even clear all the branches and debris from your property!

Regularly Scheduled Lawn Services at Your Request

While we are always just a phone call away, we also offer regularly scheduled services. Some clients request seasonal tree pruning and trimming, while others request weekly lawn mowing and garden services.

There really is no limit to what we can do for you. We’ll happily mow your lawn whenever necessary!

The Landscape Contractors with an Eye for Design

Landscaping is about more than making sure your grass is an acceptable length. Landscaping is about making the most of your property. Your building’s outdoor surroundings should be enjoyed to the fullest. With us by your side, we can install patios, benches, retaining walls, well-lit pathways, and so much more.

Landscaping and Property Maintenance: Keep Your Property Clean

As the season's change, fallen leaves and windblown debris cover your entire property. To make sure your property is free of unsightly broken branches, dead flowers, or safety hazards, contact us. We’ll clear your property in a timely fashion!

Improving Your Business’ Presentation with J.W. Lawncare Inc

Whatever company you have, its appearance says a lot about it. That is why commercial landscaping significantly improves the first impression customers have. That is why J.W. Lawncare Inc has been committed to serving the commercial organizations of Gainesville. We can take care of the entire process, from installation to maintenance. Allow us to serve your business and help you make your vision for how you want to present yourself a reality.

Having well-kept grass on your grounds shows your clients you’ll take care of their needs as well as you take care of every little detail at your company. If the grass on your grounds is brown and damaged after a long winter, the best option to quickly get it looking better is to lay down a layer of sod. Not only is this option the fastest, but it’s also the most convenient because it can be laid at any time of the year.

Starting With Design

As you know, every project needs a firm foundation. Start strong by developing a plan before you begin your landscaping process. We offer design packages which allow you to set all your ideas in stone and start the process of making them come to fruition. The design team at J.W. Lawncare Inc will work with you and determine what the best plan of action is for your desires. Your company is unique, and your vision is unique, so we take the time to develop a completely unique plan to match your needs. This is also the stage where we will get a better idea of the time and money investment that will be needed to install and create your landscaping.

Basic Principles of Commercial Landscape Design

We understand and appreciate that your business is unique and therefore its commercial landscape design shouldn’t just be a copy of our work from businesses around Gainesville. You need a commercial landscape that is entirely your own, but in order to get it done and make sure that you are satisfied with the design, we do have some basic principles we like to adhere to so every time we get a new contract.

To make sure that your new commercial landscape succeeds in boosting your business’s curb value and overall attractiveness to potential customers, we have some things we would like for you to consider before you call (352) 225-1917 and pitch us your new commercial landscape.

Is it conveying the right message? There is a lot potential customers and clients can learn about your business through your commercial landscape, even if it’s only subconscious. For example, if you are a massage therapist running your own practice, you may want to get inspired by Zen gardens to communicate a soothing and healing feeling to anyone passing by that might be in need of muscle pain relief. If you run a tech company, you might want to choose minimalist, geometric plants that are sustainable and native to the Gainesville climate so that you can convey that you are sleek, modern and understanding of latest practices.

How can people engage with your landscape design? There is no question that a dead, dying or unkempt landscape can easily deter people from feeling invited to interact and engage with your business. Ask yourself if your design encourages or discourages people from interacting with the landscape. Is there something like a dancing fountain that may draw their attention? Are there benches, tables, chairs or low walls that may bring people in to stay and enjoy your outdoor space? Though we have no intention of encouraging people to loiter around your business, creating a comfortable space that doesn’t just attract the eye but invites people in can make a world of difference. This is especially true if you direct the flow of traffic straight to the entrance of your business.

How does it help you conserve resources? Every business wants a beautiful landscape to compliment its daily operations, but at what cost? Something our commercial landscape design experts can help you with is determining whether or not your commercial landscape is sustainable. We can do this by selecting plants native to the Gainesville climate as well as designing ways to shade your building on the hottest summer days like adding a green roof to your building to help control water run-off and heating and cooling costs.

How will it mature? Landscapes aren’t static. They will grow over time and we need to consider how things will change over the years so that your initial design doesn’t become overgrown. We can advise you on placement and scale if you require assistance and our maintenance programs can make sure that everything is growing within its intended design.

Gainesville Landscaping Installation

Add some life to your business to make your establishment more appealing to clients. Our commercial landscaping services are tailored specifically for those who serve others. We can create that professional and clean look that you are after. Or if you are trying to make a different statement with a water feature, we can help you there as well. A complete irrigation system should be installed to help maintain the landscaping we establish for you. While sprinklers help keep the plants vibrant and appealing, there is no reason you need to increase your utilities bill. We can set up your irrigation system to be efficient and precise. Avoid spraying the sidewalk and calibrate your sprinklers to save even more water by shutting off in the rain, or operating at the right times of day to prevent excessive evaporation or runoff.

Ongoing Maintenance

Of course, once the landscape project is complete, our services do not have to end there. You are going to want to maintain your plants so clients that interact with your business continue to be impressed. Who better to provide upkeep than the same experts that installed the landscaping? As experts in horticulture, we know exactly how to maintain and protect the plants we install. Preserve the brand new appearance that your customer base can feel. Of course, our upkeep services are also available even if we were not the company that installed your landscaping. Regardless of the provider, we would be proud to serve you and ensure your business continues to be as appealing as possible.


Fertilization can also give your plants and grass a boost by ensuring they get all the nutrients they need to flourish. Along with fertilization, installing an automatic irrigation system on your grounds will help keep your plants and grass looking great.

Aeration for Commercial Landscapes

Aeration is something that many business owners in Gainesville rarely think about. However, it is a service you should consider if you want to have a strong and healthy lawn for years to come.

What is Aeration?

When you aerate a lawn it means that you are puncturing the ground with many small holes. Why would a person do this? The holes allow for nutrients, water and air to penetrate deep into the soil and access the roots of the grass. Along with this, aeration also combats one of the main enemies of a healthy lawn: Soil Compaction.

Fight Soil Compaction

Soil compaction happens when an area of soil is too dense for proper plant growth. Soil needs to surround plant roots but if the soil is too dense, then water, air and nutrients cannot properly reach the plant. This will lead the plant to become malnourished, dehydrated and suffocated.

Why does it happen? Soil compaction can occur naturally overtime from the watering and drying cycle or because an outside force has pressed the soil down.

Signs of Soil Compaction

Here are some tips for the commercial property owners of Gainesville on how to spot soil compaction:

  • Ponding: After it rains, check your commercial property to see if there is a pool of water in an area. If the soil is compacted, then water will not drain into the soil properly, leading to pools of water or part of the lawn that is ‘swampier’ than other parts.
  • Stunted growth: Do you find that your plants grow slow or never become as big as expected? This can be due to nutrients not reaching the roots properly.
  • Patches of dead grass: There are quite a few reasons why you would have patches or full areas of dead or dying grass on your Gainesville property. So, if you see patches of dead grass it could be soil compaction but it is best to seek the advice of an expert.
  • Test with a shovel or metal rod: This is a simple test that anyone can perform. First you will need to go to a healthy part of your property and push the metal rod or shovel into it. Remember how much pressure you needed in order to dig into the soil. Then walk to an area you think may have compacted soil and do the same. Did it take significantly more force to put the shovel or rod into the ground? If so then it is likely that the soil is compacted.

If you find one or more of these issue, then it is a good idea to contact the professionals at J.W. Lawncare Inc. We will check the soil and tell you exactly what can be done to make sure that the property surrounding your Gainesville business goes back to being an impressive sight for your customers and employees. We have the experience and equipment to aerate your property quickly and efficiently at a competitive rate.

A Beautiful Hardscape for Your Business

In addition to great-looking plants and grass, another option to really make your business stand out is hardscaping, which includes fountains and other water features, statues, patios, pathways and retaining walls. At J.W. Lawncare, we offer our clients dozens of tile types to choose from for their pathway, stone patio, or retaining wall, so no two projects we work on are the same. With so many customization options, you can be sure that our team will communicate with you from the start of the project to ensure the end result matches your vision. You can also rest assured knowing that our team has the expertise and the experience to work on all types of projects, whether they’re big or small, complex or simple.

Retaining Walls

If your business premises in the Gainesville area are on a lot being affected by erosion, a retaining wall may be necessary. Many business owners just like you have hired J.W. Lawncare to install a retaining wall on their lot, either to preserve the land’s structural integrity or just to add a bit of flare. A well-designed and constructed retaining wall is a long-lasting and stylish addition to your business grounds. It can also stop soil movement in its path if your business is located on a steep plot of land. As is the case with the other types of work we do at J.W. Lawncare, you’ll have the chance to fully customize your retention wall because it can be built using a variety of materials, such as wood, mortar, and bricks that fit together like puzzle pieces.

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In the world of business, the impression you make with customers and clients is everything. Ensuring that you have a clean and aesthetically pleasing appearance at your location can make a huge difference. When seeking a commercial landscaper in Gainesville, look no further than J.W. Lawncare Inc. If you’d like your business grounds in the Gainesville area to stand out for their impeccable landscaping, call the landscaping experts at J.W. Lawncare today at (352) 225-1917. We are dedicated to helping your company thrive as much as possible through clean landscaping presentation.