Mulching In Gainesville

You have probably seen mulch everywhere in the urban and suburban jungles, but why? Mulch is actually a gift to gardeners and homeowners because it serves to protect their trees and plants and gardens and retain soil moisture. J.W. Lawncare Inc specializes in mulching commercial and residential areas from just a few trees to a few acres.

Is Mulch Important?

Mulch is incredibly important because it imitates the plants’ and trees’ natural habitat. In a forest, the floor is covered in a layer of debris containing organic materials and natural organisms. As the organic materials decompose, they replace the nutrients in the soil and the natural organisms also help in the decomposition and replenishments processes. Mulch acts as a surrogates or substitute for this natural layer of debris. It helps foster nutrient replenishment and serves to protect plants from extreme environmental conditions.

What Are the Advantages to Mulching in Gainesville?

The first and foremost advantages is limiting the about of water lost through evaporation. However, mulch comes with a wide range of benefits for plants and trees. Here’s a list of some of the most helpful mulch advantages:

  • • Decrease the rates of weed growth and germination
  • • Decrease the rates of plant diseases and infections
  • • Shelter soil and plant roots from extreme temperatures
  • • Positive effect on soil biology, drainage, aeration and structure
  • • Maximizes soil fertility
  • • Decreases the risk of damage from garden tools such as lawnmowers and weed whackers
  • • Decomposition replenishes soil nutrients (organic mulches)

Are There Different Mulches?

Let’s talk about inorganic mulch first. The major pro for this category is it needs minimal maintenance and rarely has to be replaced. Unfortunately, these materials do not decompose or replenish the soil’s nutrients, so they aren’t usually the favorites. However, they do make for some striking landscapes and gardens. Common inorganic mulch materials include:

  • • Stones of many types
  • • Lava rock
  • • Plastic
  • • Fabric pieces
  • • Rubber

Organic mulch does decompose and replace important soil nutrients. The disadvantage is it does require more maintenance and regular replacement. You might not have to clean away debris since it decomposes, but you’ll still have to replace the mulch regularly. Normal organic mulch components include:

  • • Peat moss
  • • Bark chips
  • • Grass
  • • Straw
  • • Pine needles
  • • Wood chips

Should You Get Professional Mulching

Mulch can be a delicate process, because the layer must be the right thickness. Improper mulch laying can negatively impact your outdoor space and invite a host of problems into your flowerbed. To avoid the following common results of bad mulching, the professional route is the way to go:

  • • Nutrient deficiencies in the soil
  • • Root rot
  • • Overly wet soil
  • • Insect infestations
  • • Stress on the tress and plants
  • • Anaerobic soil
  • • Unbalance pH levels
  • • Toxic material build up
  • • Plant infections or diseases

How to Prepare Your Lawn for Mulching

Mulch is an essential ingredient in every Gainesville landscape. Whether you are working on a commercial or residential landscape, mulch is what you need if you are going to have any hope of retaining your soil’s moisture, suppressing weeds from taking over, keeping the soil cool and make garden beds look more attractive. Plus, when you choose to use organic mulch, it also helps improve the soil’s overall fertility.

However, you can’t simply drive over to your nearest home and garden center, grab the first bag of mulch you see, pour it all over your lawn and hope for the best. There is a bit of preparation involved before you can get to the mulching. Below are the steps you need to take to prepare your lawn or landscape for a mulching.

Kill the weeds. Before adding mulch, it is essential that you eliminate all unwanted plants and weed growth. You can either get on your hands and knees to manually remove all the unwanted plants or you could go the herbicide route two weeks prior to mulching. If you go the herbicide route, you need to wait two weeks after adding the substance to make sure they are all dead. Once they are all dead, you must remove them, but at least it’s easier to pull up dead weeds.

Trim trees and bushes. Get rid of excess, dead or damaged branches before the mulching because if they become debris, it can affect the mulch’s effectiveness.

Clean and cultivate beds. Rake up any dead leaves, weeds and trimming from your landscaping beds. Once you have cleaned the beds, cultivate any compacted soil or mulch. This will allow moisture and air to pass through the soil with ease.

Rake smooth. This is mostly an esthetic choice, but we recommend using a stiff rake to smooth out all the surfaces that will be mulched. Failing to do so will mean that your mulched flower beds and lawn will look lumpy. It’s not how we would want our landscape to look, but, ultimately, it’s your esthetic choice.

Apply a pre-emergent. A pre-emergent is a type of weed control used to prevent the gemination of weeds so that they don’t become a problem later on. There are many different pre-emergent products available on the market and if you are having trouble settling on which option is best for you, feel free to give us a call at (352) 225-1917 today.

Once you have completed all these steps, you will be ready to add mulch to your landscape. But once the mulch is down, the work doesn’t end.

Mulch requires some maintenance for it to realize its full potential. Once a month or so, check your mulch for compaction. If it has become compacted, use a garden claw, rake or cultivator to loosen it. This will allow water and air to pass, which helps prevent the growth of fungus and restores its appearance.

If this sounds like too much work to fit in to your busy schedule, remember that J.W. Lawncare Inc’s team is always available to step in and handle your property’s mulching. Just call (352) 225-1917 to request a free quote on your property’s mulching needs.

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